Business for Musicians Intro

Welcome to this new blog about business, my name is Miguel Dembora and I think that 10% of the equation it is about the quality of the music or service/performance/skills you got and 90% it is all about business skills such as personal branding, marketing, networking, customer service and of course, positive attitude.

You probably have no clue about business and that´s why you keep thinking that it is all about your songs, your live performance, your beats, your mixing skills or even worse… how fast you can play that scale on your out of tune vintage guitar but it is not, no one cares about that anymore, there are a million people doing the same thing over and over again on the internet and no one gives a rat ass, most of them are really good and some even got some attention but at the end of the day… don´t quit your day job.

The new economy model it is call the Influence Economy, yeah you are right, the main coin it is the attention and the other one, trust, brand trust, people trusting your personal brand so get real, spamming the internet with your crappy videos alone is not going to save you from digging your own hole. You have to be above average, I´d say at least 7 out of 10 to just be part of the hustle. For instance, I´m a mixing engineer, if someone sends me a crappy production, let´s say 3 out of 10 and with a million hours of editing, tuning, replacing sounds, mixing, mastering… I end up with a 6 out of 10 guess what… no serious money, but if someone sends me a 7 and I deliver a solid 8 or even 9…. money in the bank, hustle becomes full time my friend. Yes, you are not going to make any money with those crappy cheap beats you made with the same loops any kid can make with an ipad or with those tunes that just sound like ass, terrible videos and even worse songs that are just poor copies of what was sounding on the radio a year ago. Wake up.

There are 3 main markets: competitive, opportunistic and the market of the emotions, the hype, personal branding paradise. Most of you live and die in the first one with all the rest of miserable lack of confidence and self stem demons just trying to get everything for cheap or for free but no worries I will make a post explaining how these 3 markets work.

There are basically 16 personality types of people but in business world there are basically 4 type of characters: the cheap, the complicated, the sophisticated and the affluent and half of them are pure evil so good luck and yeah you guessed it, focus on the other two, I will explain this further in the next episodes. 

Hard times are coming, in 2023 or so you will probably be freaking out if you don´t stop wasting your life watching Netflix and you start working 18 hours a day everyday for the next two years focusing on just one field and/or niche. Please develop your personal brand and reputation cause if not my friend, when the robots and new technology take over and your skills will mean nothing and worth less than a penny at least you got the most important things, your own brand, your network, your reputation and your brain in good shape, hopefully.

If you are a musician focus on the 3 most important pillars: technique, groove and ear training. Please don´t spend more hours playing scales and licks and talking shit about quartal harmony when you can even play a couple of simple chords locking with a drum machine. I will elaborate all this in a post but please technique is not only about scales, focus on chords and arpeggios too. Develop good timing but good groove and feel too, lock with loops and records, be sure you are in the pocket and train your ear to be able to sing everything you play and pick by ear as much as you can. 

If you are a sound engineer and you think you know everything because you read a million books and a million forums written by fake experts like you who never made one decent sounding album then please write another book about it if you like but stay away from music studios, artists and bands, don´t waste their time and money while you practice telling them that the problem is this or that, the only one problem is that you suck at recording, mixing and mastering and watching more videos or reading more articles in not going to change it, yes you guessed it, these days even the singer of the band can get a better recording than you at his garage and even the drummer could mix it a million times better than you with Reaper and stock plugins. If you can not sell the paradise, please, don´t try to sell the airplane.

90% it is about people skills, sales skills, influence and persuasion skills, branding and networking skills, lead generation, online presence and marketing skills and only 10% about what you thought it was the whole 100% but that does not mean that all you have to do sell yourself as an expert, results matter, we are talking about services based on a performance my friend so get 1% better everyday but don´t forget about the other 90% and please, empathy, get into their shoes. No pain, no sale.

In most cases you are going to have to give a lot in advance, face it, there are a million people doing the same thing you think you are the best at and most of them are a million times better and faster than you so be the first one to give, be genuine interested, if you do something for them they will do something for you, reciprocity rule, I will elaborate about this too.

Please improve your self stem and confidence, write a gratitude list and read it everyday, another one with positive affirmations and try meditation too, calm your mind, get away from all this social media anxiety for at least 30 minutes a day and remember the law of detachment cause it is better if you don´t actually give a… cause everything it is going to vanish anyway sooner than later so don´t forget about enjoying life. Imagine that one day you might go to a job interview with no resume or CV, that´s dead anyway already, they don´t care about your degrees or past experience anymore, they type your name on google and you are already on the spot, they will hire you if you got more audience and attention than the other guy who read 700 books about personal development and got ten diplomas at Harvard, all those schools are going to die anyway but it is not about the number of followers per se, it is all about your niche, micro influencer universe, you are now your own TV channel.

Either you think I´m right or if you think I´m wrong… you are right.

Have a nice day. Put God First.